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Air Force selects 697 for promotion to captain — is your name on the list?

The Air Force has selected 697 first lieutenants for promotion to captain.

According to statistics released by the Air Force Personnel Center Tuesday, 693 officers were selected in-the-zone, and four were chosen above-the-zone, or after their normal window for promotion.

Of the selectees, 584 were in the Line of the Air Force, as well as one chaplain, 20 judge advocates general, 59 nurses, 15 members of the Medical Service Corps, and 18 members of the Biomedical Sciences Corps.

And of the Line officers selected for promotion, 213 were pilots, 22 were navigators, and 23 were air battle managers. Another 191 non-rated operations officers and 135 mission support officers were also selected from the LAF.

This captain’s board was not affected by the coronavirus crisis, as were some other promotion boards. AFPC said in spring that the master sergeant board, as well as boards for some categories of colonels and lieutenant colonels and chaplains, were being pushed back to later dates in June.

The list of selectees can be found here.

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