With lawsuits on the horizon, DoD looks for ways to cut contaminated water cleanup costs
The Pentagon is already on the hook for $27 billion in environmental cleanup, loosening the PFAS standards cost give it some relief - but at what cost?
There are mounting signs of military planning for Venezuela
The idea of a U.S. push for “regime change” in the oil-rich South American country may be gaining momentum in the White House.
Laser pointed at Air Force C-17 in North Carolina
Authorities in North Carolina say someone pointed a laser at an Air Force C-17 as it approached an Air National Guard base in Charlotte.
Propeller cracking fears led Air Force to ground 60 C-130Hs, replace pre-1971 blades
The Air Force found blades manufactured using a different process more than 48 years ago might be more susceptible to corrosion, which could lead to dangerous cracks.
About 21,000 troops booted so far under ‘deploy or get out’ policy
The acting defense secretary said a little more than 5 percent of troops are now classified as non-deployable.
University trumpeters among volunteers playing ‘Taps’ for veterans’ funerals
Ten trumpet students at a Louisiana university are offering to play Taps at veterans' funerals, rather than leave the haunting farewell bugle call to a mechanical device.
US-backed forces admit to ‘difficulties’ defeating ISIS in Syria
U.S.-backed forces fighting to recapture the last Islamic State group outpost in Syria admitted on Sunday they were facing “difficulties” defeating the extremists, saying they were being slowed by mines, tunnels and concerns over harming women and children among the militants.
Trump met with his national security team after Afghan official complained about Taliban talks
President Donald Trump and his national security team had an hourlong, classified meeting on Afghanistan on Friday, a day after a top Afghan official openly complained that the Trump administration was keeping his government in the dark about its negotiations with the Taliban.
Lawyer: US Navy veteran held in Iran sentenced to 10 years
A U.S. Navy veteran from California has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in Iran, his lawyer said Saturday, becoming the first American known to be imprisoned there since President Donald Trump took office.
Trump issues first veto after rebuke of border order
Trump said: "It is a tremendous national emergency," adding, "our immigration system is stretched beyond the breaking point."
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