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Transition Guide
Transitioning out of the military and in to civilian life? This a guide to answer common questions.
Installation Guide
An updated database of all the military installations, including location, phone numbers, schools, housing, and more.
Benefits Guide
Get a detailed breakdown on military benefits, retirement, health insurance, and more.
Register: CyberCon 2021 (Online)
Military, government and industry leaders will gather discuss the unique threats the nation faces in cyberspace and how the military can best prepare.
Congress plans fixes for US military’s AWOL weapons problems
Congress is set to force America’s armed services to keep better track of their guns and explosives, imposing new rules in response to an Associated Press investigation that showed firearms stolen from U.S. bases have resurfaced in violent crimes.

Frontline Photos: Oct. 24, 2021

Paladins light up the sky in Poland, sailors work on C-2A Greyhounds n the Atlantic, Marine drill instructors greet new recruits at Parris Island and more in this week's Frontline Photos.

Frontline Photos: Oct. 17, 2021

Black Daggers over Oahu, sailors in the spray of Bengal Bay, B-1B's bolting for the Baltic and more in this week's Frontline Photos.

Frontline Photos: Oct. 10, 2021

Marine Venom choppers in Okinawa, artillery soldiers in Syria, F-15E Strike Eagles departing for Greece and more in this week's Frontline Photos.