Congressman warns of Offutt Air Force Base’s loss of equipment, training simulators
A Nebraska congressman is backing the Air Force’s emergency request for $234 million to replace equipment and crew training simulators damaged by recent floodwaters that inundated the Offutt Air Force Base.
Air Force to redesignate North Dakota wing for recon mission
The redesignation will become official June 28, the same day a ceremony marking the event is planned.
Younger troops would be barred from buying tobacco products under new plan
Sens. Mitch McConnell and Tim Kaine are pushing the plans in an effort to curb teenage tobacco use.
White House considers pardons for troops facing war crime accusations
President Donald Trump may grant clemency to the service members as early as this weekend, to mark Memorial Day.
Air Force trains to defeat enemy air defenses 50 miles south of the Arctic Circle
The U.S. Air Force dispatched fighters and tankers to Kallax Air Base, in Lulea, Sweden, late last week to participate in an air exercise aimed at defeating enemy air defenses.
Virginia town remembers the high price paid on D-Day
Twenty men from Bedford or the surrounding area were killed on D-Day, June 6, 1944.
Tinker Air Force Base planes moved ahead of Oklahoma storms
A U.S. Air Force base in Oklahoma has moved aircraft to other military installations and is recommending staff don’t come to work in anticipation of storms expected to batter the state.
Reports: Iran quadruples production of enriched uranium
Iran quadrupled its uranium-enrichment production capacity amid tensions with the U.S. over Tehran’s atomic program, nuclear officials said Monday, just after President Donald Trump and Iran’s foreign minister traded threats and taunts on Twitter.
Urine sample odor that prompted evacuation of VA medical center was actually vinegar
An A for determination, perhaps, on the part of the veteran. A staggering F, however, for execution.
Supreme Court rejects bid to overturn prohibition on military malpractice cases
Justice Clarence Thomas blasted the decision as a mistake by the courts that deprives service members of justice.
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