The VA actually spent money — and years — on a scientific study to tell us daily drinking is unhealthy
Money well spent by the VA, the oft-criticized organization that makes paying veterans what they’re owed for disabilities, education and housing appear as laborious as Thanos' quest to amass all six Infinity Stones.
Trump says troops could finish building border wall
Troop deployment to the Mexico border has raised questions about improper use of armed forces.
Search called off for 5 Marines aboard lost KC-130
A search over thousands of miles of waters off the coast of Japan was unable to find the lost crew.
Maxwell group aims to give families other options than second-rate local schools
A newly formed group at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama is aiming to improve the education options for military families.
Some US troops on the border to leave this week; about 3,000 will stay
The border mission has less need now for some of the troops' specialties.
Military units to reunite for mental health support in new VA pilot to prevent suicide
The program, dubbed Operation Resilience, will focus on troops who saw heavy casualties in combat or high-rates of suicide at home.
World War II pilot who crashed in Himalayas accounted for
A U.S. Army Air Forces pilot from Massachusetts whose plane crashed during World War II has been accounted for.
US military returns 3 disputed bells taken from Philippines as spoils of war
American troops took the bells in 1901 after machete-wielding Filipinos killed 48 U.S. troops in one of the U.S. Army's worst single-battle losses of that era.
Russia sends 2 nuclear-capable bombers to Venezuela
Two Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers arrived in Venezuela on Monday, a deployment that comes amid soaring Russia-U.S. tensions.
Military to study past chemical use at former Pease Air Force Base
Veterans and families who lived and worked at the former Pease Air Force Base want the government to begin collecting data about their disease rates and possible ties to chemical exposures on the installation.
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