In the latest Military Times poll, 77 percent of active-duty readers say the armed forces are becoming more politically polarized.
The aircraft quickly returned to base where a mechanical issue was found, the Air Force said.
Nearly half of troops surveyed worry the U.S. will be drawn into a major conflict in the next year.
A member of the 144th Fighter Wing and a Ukrainian pilot have died, the U.S. Air Force stated.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis sounded optimistic Monday about the chances of repairing an unknown number of F-22s and other aircraft that were damaged when Hurricane Michael battered Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida last week.
Jackson used innovative production techniques to enhance and colorize almost 100 hours of original footage.
While the militants of northern and western Africa are undoubtedly dangerous, they are not a direct threat to the United States.
A U.S. Air Force subcontractor has agreed to pay $1 million to settle government allegations that it padded its bills.
Mattis responds to Trump's comment that the Defense Secretary is 'sort of a Democrat."
A mechanic with the Belgian air force was servicing an aircraft when he accidentally opened fire on another F-16 jet fighter sitting on the tarmac, destroying it.
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