Air Force Global Strike Command is conducting an inventory of its weapons, across the entire command, in the wake of two high-profile weapons losses at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.
Tickets to games can be claimed online and picked up in person on game day with a valid military ID or proof of service.
The State Department unit overseeing the fight against the Islamic State group will stay in business for at least six more months, reversing an administration plan for the unit’s imminent downgrade even as President Donald Trump presses ahead with a speedy U.S. exit from Syria.
The Pentagon criticized what it called China’s “continued militarization” of island outposts in the disputed South China Sea, where the Chinese air force landed long-range bombers for the first time, putting entire Southeast Asia within their range.
Even a new version of the Air Force’s JSTARS battlefield management and control aircraft would be vulnerable to being shot out of the sky during the opening salvo of a conflict with Russia or China.
Indo-Pacific has the Pentagon's attention; renaming could "better characterize" PACOM's role.
Under federal statute, Wilkie can't serve as both interim VA secretary and the nominee for the permanent post.
The U.S. Air Force does not intend to add privatized housing to a base near Fairbanks, an official said, but city leaders are still seeking more assurances.
A photograph of a B-1 after it made an emergency landing showed that not all four hatches opened, and none of the four ACES II ejection seats deployed.
Joe and Leo talk about the Friday's nomination of Robert Wilkie to run the VA.
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