The Air Force has chosen 1,532 first lieutenants for promotion to captain in the latest quarterly selection process.

The list of selectees includes 1,402 from the Line of the Air Force, 54 nurses, 35 judge advocates, 21 from the Biomedical Sciences Corps, 16 from the Medical Service Corps, and four chaplains. Seven LAF officers were passed over, and all officers considered in other categories were selected, resulting in an overall selection rate of 99.5 percent.

Aside from one LAF officer and one nurse who were above-the-zone, all officers chosen for promotion were in-the-zone.

Of the LAF officers selected for promotion, 496 were pilots, 110 were navigators, and 17 were air battle managers. Another 378 LAF officers were in non-rated operation positions, and 401 were in mission support positions.

Before posting the list of selectees publicly, AFPC said it told their senior raters so they could tell the airmen the good news themselves and celebrate.

This is the largest O-3 promotion cycle since January, when 1,648 were selected for captain.