The Air Force said Thursday it has chosen 1,648 officers for promotion to captain in the latest quarterly cycle.

The selectees include 1,516 first lieutenants from the Line of the Air Force, three chaplains, 34 LAF-Judges Advocate, 46 Nurse Corps officers, 18 Medical Service Corps officers and 31 Biomedical Sciences Corps officers, according to statistics provided by the Air Force Personnel Center.

Of the LAF selectees who were in the promotion zone, all but one navigator, three non-rated operations officers, and six mission support officers were selected. There were also three navigators, two non-rated ops officers, and two mission support officers selected above-the-zone. There were no officers eligible for below-the-zone promotion.

All in-the-zone chaplains, judges advocate, nurses, MSC and BSC officers were selected. One above-the-zone nurse was eligible and selected, and one above-the-zone promotion-eligible BSC officer was passed over.

The list of selectees can be found here.