As the late, great poet Robert Frost wrote, “Nothing gold can stay.”

That goes for cars as well, as Dodge has decided to discontinue its Charger and Challenger models, marking the end of a golden era of love, harmony, and 27% interest rates between service members and these vehicles.

But fret not, there are certainly alternative automobiles that newly minted troops can finance — terribly — when eager to blow that first paycheck.

1. Toyota Tundra

This behemoth of a truck is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a pickup that says, “You’re welcome for my service.”

It even comes in a color called “Lunar Rock,” which, in case you’re wondering, is a shade somewhere between Navy ship grey and Humvee tan — an added layer of military appeal.

2. Ford Mustang

Old reliable. The Ford Mustang is a mainstay for military members whose favorite movie is probably “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.”

This is the perfect car if you like to be a blur of flashy, loud color while making donuts in an off-post Denny’s parking lot at 2 a.m.

3. Tesla

There is a growing number of men who worship at the altar of Elon Musk, including, we assume, military personnel.

Teslas are flashy and largely unaffordable to the junior enlisted, which makes them absolutely perfect for the fresh-out-of-basic E-1 looking to impress high school buddies back on the block.

4. Toyota Tacoma

A little smaller and more agile than the Tundra, the Taco is great for those wanting to feel like a G.I. Joe while taking the kids to soccer practice or making runs to Home Depot for some tasteful kitchen backsplash tile.

Plus, it comes in “Army Green,” so it’s practically begging to be driven on or near a base.

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