It is not yet known when aAirmen in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa shouldn't expect to will receive their new combat uniform, which is being fielded by the Army, before summer. Most likely, the date will be even later.

In August 2011, U.S. Air Forces Central Command allowed all airmen serving in the Central Command theater of operations to wear Army uniforms. Before Prior to that change, only airmen embedded with Army units and those who went outside the wire wore Army uniforms.

"Many of the other changes we've made are is to standardize what we're doing across the AOR [area of responsibility] with what the Air Force policy is, so airmen are not confused when they move from one area to another," Chief Master Sgt. Richard Parsons, then com

mand chief for AFCENT, said at the time.

The Army is currently in the process of issuing its new uniform with the Operational Camouflage Pattern. Last year, the Air Force said it expected the Army to start fielding the new uniform starting next month, but now it looks like the uniform will be available this summer.

So far, the Army has not established a time line for when troops will get the new uniform, which includes a new belt, undershirt and boots.

"The Air Force does not have a firm date on when the combat version of the OCP is anticipated to be issued to airmen," said Air Force spokeswoman Capt. Brooke Brzozowske.

Deployed airmen will not have to purchase the new combat uniforms, Brzozowske said in an email to Air Force Times.

"These uniforms are provided as part of their deployed role," she said.

The new uniform is similar to the camouflage uniforms that airmen in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa currently wear. Its color pattern includes muted greens, light beige and dark brown. One of the biggest changes is that the boots are Coyote brown.

In a recent Reddit thread, an airman asked if the entire Air Force is transitioning to the Army Operational camouflage uniform, but Brzozowske made clear that the uniform will only be for airmen in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa. Airmen in garrison will continue to wear the Rip-Stop Airman Battle Uniform.

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