For hundreds of thousands of bikers tucked away in their frigid shops or garages all winter long, Daytona Beach Bike Week offers that glimmer of hope that riding season is inching closer, and Jack Frost is about to go back to his hole ... or wherever else it is he goes.

Well, the time has come. Every year, we trek to the Florida shores to gain some perspective into what folks from different parts of the country have been tinkering away on during the offseason. It's pretty cool to see the imagination into some of these custom creations.

Plus, builders have a tendency to always wait to reveal their new creations until Bike Week. Whether it's a new Harley Road Glide that just had the paintwork done, or a new Harley Softail with some trick parts that have yet to have been released, or maybe an old FXR or Dyna project that just never goes out of style, there's a solid mix of rad ― and not-so-rad ― bikes to check out.

Check out the gallery above for a small glimpse into the 2018 Daytona Beach Bike Week rally.

This piece originally appeared at Motorcycle Cruiser.

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