There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your high and tight during a joyride in a $70,000-plus camper to make you feel alive. Unless, of course, it ends with your expulsion from the U.S. Army.

That’s what happened to one Army specialist stationed near Fort Carson, Colorado, who was found guilty of partnering with a private first class to steal a Keystone 358 Camper.

The military judge that tried the case under Article 121 of the UCMJ found that the pair lifted the mobile home from their unit’s first sergeant, according to redacted documents obtained by Army Times.

The case’s proceedings note that the specialist did “at or near Fort Carson, Colorado, on or about 25 March 2021, conspire with Private First Class [redacted] to commit an offense under the Uniform Code of Justice to wit: larceny of a Keystone 358 Camper.”

The specialist pleaded not guilty to the charge.

And while the motivations and circumstances for the theft are not listed in the documents, after the trial, the presiding military judge recommended separation without the addition of civilian felony charges.

“I recommend that the convening authority suspend the sentence of a bad conduct discharge and consider administrative separation of the accused in lieu of allowing felony conviction to stand,” concluded Col. Jacqueline Emanuel.

“Based on the evidence presented during the trial, I conclude that SPC [redacted] is a young Soldier who was otherwise a good duty performer and made an incredibly poor decision without full[y] appreciating the negative repercussions that could follow for the rest of his life.”

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