The Air Force has released the list of airmen selected for promotion to staff sergeant.

Out of 29,179 senior airmen eligible for promotion to eligible for promotion to E-5, the Air Force selected 14,235, a 48.79 selection rate, according to an Air Force Personnel Center news release. That’s lower than the 51.12 percent selection rate for last year’s E-5 promotion cycle, but is otherwise the highest rate in a decade.

The average time in grade for selectees was 1.6 years, and their average time in service was 4.07 years. Their average overall score was 345.67, consisting of averages of 210.75 points for enlisted performance reports, 0.73 points for decorations, 66.97 for the promotion fitness examination, and 66.43 for the specialty knowledge test.

Selectees will be promoted to staff sergeant beginning Sept. 1, according to their promotion sequence number. AFPC provided commanders and senior raters with advanced knowledge of their airmen’s selection so they could notify and congratulate them.

Airmen can access their score notices on the virtual Military Personnel Flight via the AFPC secure applications page.

The list of E-5 selectees can be found here.

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