The Air Force earlier this month mistakenly published, and later rescinded, an updated rule that would bar technical sergeants and below from issuing letters of reprimand.

The Sept. 7 update to AFI 36-2907 included a newly added provision for enlisted airmen that stated “No one junior in grade to E-7 may issue a reprimand to enlisted members in the grades of E-1 through E-6.” The previous version of the AFI, published in November 2014, had no such restriction.

Letters of reprimand are more severe than counselings or admonitions, and receiving one can deal a significant blow to an airman’s chances of promotion.

Air Force spokeswoman Erika Yepsen said in an email Monday that “The AFI was published prematurely and has been rescinded to complete staff coordination.”

“The November 26, 2014, version of the instruction is the current and approved version,” Yepsen said. “We anticipate final staff completion of the instruction in the near future and will provide information regarding changes made upon its completion.”

When asked whether the final version of the revised AFI would continue to have the restrictions on reprimand authority, Yepsen again pointed to the last sentence of her original statement and said “Until it’s complete, any potential changes are predecisional.”

The unofficial Facebook page Air Force amn/nco/snco highlighted the change on Sept. 10.