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Here’s when your promotion board is going to meet next year

The Air Force Personnel Center on Aug. 29 posted the selection board schedule for 2019, including the dates for senior non-commissioned officer evaluation and supplemental boards and officer selection boards.

AFPC said the Air Force’s Selection Board Secretariat holds about 100 boards annually. In addition to the boards listed below, the secretariat also conducts general officer promotion and federal recognition boards, and force management boards.

[Air Force announces SNCO, officer selection board schedule for 2018]

“The selection board process is governed by law and Air Force policy,” the selection board web page says. “It’s a fair and equitable process with many safeguards to ensure high standards are maintained. Once a selection board convenes, the board members work directly for the Secretary of the Air Force and take an oath to perform the duties without prejudice or partiality.”

AFPC said last year, when it announced the 2018 selection board, that the timing of officer boards could change if the number of officers in each year group changes. That way, the Air Force can ensure it doesn’t promote more airmen than they’re required to have in each rank, and make sure all officers in year groups under consideration have the requisite three years time-in-grade.

2019 selection board schedule

Jan. 7 – 11 Special Selection Boards
Jan. 14 – 18 Col MSC (P0619A)
Maj NC (P0419A)
Maj MSC (P0419A)
Jan. 28 – Feb. 15 SMSgt Evaluation Board
March 4 – 29 Col LAF-J (P0619B)
Lt Col LAF (P0519A)
Lt Col MSC (P0519A)
Maj LAF-J (P0419B)
April 1 – 26 MSgt Evaluation Board
April 29 – May 3 Special Selection Boards
May 8 – 9 Blocked
May 13 – 24 SNCO Supplemental Board
June 3 – 14 Col BSC (P0619C)
Lt Col Chaplain (P0519B)
Maj BSC (P0419C)
July 9 – 10 Blocked
Aug. 6 – 16 Blocked
Aug. 19 – 30 Command Screening Board
Sept. 4 – 13 SNCO Supplemental Board
Sept. 16 – 20 Col DC (M0619A)
Col MC (M0619A)
Lt Col DC (M0519A)
Lt Col MC (M0519A)
Maj DC (M0419A)
Maj MC (M0419A)
Lt Col NC (P0519C)
Lt Col BSC (P0519C)
Sept. 23 – 27 Special Selection Boards
Oct. 1 – 2 Blocked
Oct. 16 – 25 Col LAF (P0619D)
Col NC (P0619D)
Col Chaplain (P0619D)
Maj Chaplain (P0419D)
Oct. 29 – Nov. 8 CMSgt Evaluation Board
Dec. 2 – 13 Maj LAF (P0419E)
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