The KC-46 is (hopefully) almost here, and that means the Air Force needs pilots to fly the refueling tanker when it arrives.

Air Mobility Command will conduct a pilot selection board for the KC-46 in the fall, according to a news release.

The command will choose about 104 pilots to fill the first two operational KC-46 squadrons at McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas.

Pilots in their first and second flying assignments are encouraged to apply to positions in the 344th and 349th Air Refueling Squadrons, as well as 22nd Air Refueling Wing staff positions.

“We also encourage applicants with experience in non-mobility platforms, such as the RC-135 Rivet Joint, E-3 Sentry and E-8 Joint STARS, to apply,” Maj. David Kim, Mobility Air Forces assignments chief, said in the news release.

Weapons officers are also needed to stand up the KC-46 Weapons Instructor Course in the future.

“The board is looking for the most qualified airmen to fulfill this critical program,” Kim said. “If Time-On-Station or Date Eligible for Return from Overseas restriction waivers are necessary, AMC/A3 will request them from the Air Force’s Personnel Center.”

Packages are due Sept. 7, and more information can be found on the myPers site.

The Air Force plans to buy 179 of the new refueling tankers from Boeing, with the first KC-46 set to arrive in October.

The KC-46 program has been plagued by delays and cost overruns, culminating in $3.4 billion worth of charges for Boeing.

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