How to transform your desk on duty
Why not get the most out of your budget by spending it on something your team can use and enjoy every workday? By transforming your office into a modern, active workspace you can give your whole team a work environment they’ll love, while also improving their health and productivity*.
Keeping Veterans and Active Duty Personnel Healthy and Productive at Work: The Key is an Active Workspace
Many veterans and active duty personnel work in an office or educational environment where they’re likely to spend a lot of time at a desk. Productivity is a top priority for these highly-skilled and motivated employees as they’re often trained in multiple disciplines and tasked with a range of responsibilities. With regular fitness assessments and possible service-related injuries to contend with, they’re also focused on health, wellness, and pain relief. That’s why active workspace solutions that encourage movement, collaboration and productivity are a perfect fit for any veteran or active duty personnel who wants to stay healthy and pain-free so they can perform at their best.
Start the fiscal year with an active office
With the fiscal year coming to a close, most government professionals are looking to make the most of their remaining office budgets. One of the best investments any office can make is in standing desks that help employees work at peak performance, ensuring the year ahead is as productive as possible.
Standing up for optimal health
Being in the military can be very physically demanding, but being a “desk jockey” comes with its own set of problems.
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