Many veterans and active duty personnel work in an office or educational environment where they’re likely to spend a lot of time at a desk. Productivity is a top priority for these highly-skilled and motivated employees as they’re often trained in multiple disciplines and tasked with a range of responsibilities. With regular fitness assessments and possible service-related injuries to contend with, they’re also focused on health, wellness, and pain relief. That’s why active workspace solutions that encourage movement, collaboration and productivity are a perfect fit for any veteran or active duty personnel who wants to stay healthy and pain-free so they can perform at their best.

Prioritizing Productivity

Military training and experience creates a unique understanding of the importance of teamwork and collaboration. To achieve success, you have to perform at the best of your abilities with a team that communicates effectively. Active workspaces that encourage movement have been shown to boost productivity, collaboration, and work performance.

  • Sit-stand desk users have been shown to increase their productivity by up to 46%.1
  • Non-sedentary work environments enhance employee creativity, productivity and collaboration and improve group performance.2
  • Employees using activity-promoting desks improve their ability to pay attention, accomplish tasks, and even manage stress.3

Managing Pain

In 2017, there were over 20 million veterans in the US and over 1 million active duty personnel. 24% of veterans report service-related disabilitiesthat can complicate their workdays with pain and other difficulties.4Active-duty personnel can face similar challenges, and need to stay in top physical condition. Sitting less and moving more has been shown to alleviate pain–including common back pain issues–and contribute to a happier, more focused workday.

  • Active workspaces increase the probability of a pain-free workday by 80% 5,6
  • Sit-stand desks have been shown to reduce discomfort in the shoulders, hands, wrists, and back.5
  • Using movement-promoting desks can help to prevent certain musculoskeletal disorders.7

Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

Pain management isn’t the only reason to sit less and move more. Military service includes intense physical training and regular fitness assessments to maintain conditioning and readiness. It’s also focused on developing excellence in all things. Active workspaces are a great fit for veterans and active duty personnel because they’re designed with health, wellness, and productivity in mind, giving everyone a better way to work.

  • Sitting less and moving more reduces the risk for early mortality, heart disease and diabetes.8
  • with regular daily use, a sit-stand desk can help you burn up to 650 calories per week.9
  • Replacing sitting with standing and moderate movement can considerably increase cumulative daily muscle activity.10

By adding VARIDESK® full office solutions to any workspace, you can provide employees with a happier, healthier, more productive environment. Active workspaces that include solutions like VARIDESK sit-stand desks and accessories support the goals and lifestyle requirements of our veterans and active duty personnel. As you consider your yearly budget, keep in mind that VARIDESK products are available through GSA advantage and at


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