The Air Force has further delayed its physical fitness assessment to April because of COVID-19.

Testing was supposed to resume in January but has been out several more months because of the rise in coronavirus cases nationwide, the service said.

“The right thing to do is focus on keeping our Airmen and their families safe,” said Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass in a press release. “Delaying and reevaluating the PT test is the best option for our people.”

Air Force and Space Force personnel also won’t have to worry about getting their tummies taped once the physical training tests resume.

The service announced in September it would be foregoing the waist measurement component of its twice-a-year physical fitness assessment, which has been on hold since March, when the virus began spreading and efforts to halt its advance ramped up.

Installation commanders have been given leeway to delay the assessments beyond April based on local and state guidelines and the recommendations of health officials, the Air Force said.

Though waist assessment has been permanently dropped, airmen will be required to maintain weight standards, which are measured relative to their height.

“We trust that our Airmen understand the standard of good physical health practices and we are all finding innovative ways to stay fit,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. in a press release. “We also trust that leaders will take the appropriate steps to keep their Airmen safe while making every effort to provide fitness options during the pandemic.”

The Air Force’s physical fitness assessment is made up of three components that require Airmen to maintain body composition, aerobic fitness and muscular strength. The test scores Airmen on the number of push-ups and sit-ups they can complete in one minute and how fast they can run a mile and a half.

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