OMAHA, Neb. — Nebraska’s bid to attract the U.S. Space Command’s headquarters to Offutt Air Force Base includes $107 million of public and private money.

Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce President David Brown said the local money is meant to help offset the roughly $1 billion cost of building the new headquarters at Offutt.

“If there’s a need for public or private support, there has always been a willingness to find a way,” Brown said.

Offutt is one of the six finalists to become the headquarters. Other finalists are Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, Redstone Army Airfield in Alabama and the former Kelly Air Force Base in Texas.

Brown said the Nebraska incentive package would include, $50 million from the state, $50 million to be raised from private donations, $4 million from the city of Bellevue and $3 million in other incentives.

Rick Evans, a retired Air Force major general who is acting director of the University of Nebraska’s National Strategic Research Institute, said the incentives in the Nebraska bid are impressive.

“That’s a big number. It’s an eye-catcher,” Evans said.

A decision by the Air Force on the headquarters location is expected in mid-January.

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