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Air Force announces 517 field grade officer promotions

The Air Force announced Wednesday it has selected 517 active-duty officers for promotion to major, lieutenant colonel and colonel.

The Air Force selected 445 officers for promotion to colonel. Of those, 425 were in the Line of the Air Force category, six were chaplains, and 14 were in the Nurse Corps. The in-the-zone selection rate for colonels was 51.6.

Of the 59 officers selected for promotion to lieutenant colonel, 16 were chaplains and 43 were in the LAF-Judge Advocate category. Selection rates for in-the-zone O-5s was 66.2 percent.

The Air Force also said 13 chaplains were selected for promotion to major, with an in-the-zone selection rate of 76.9 percent.

The list of selectees can be found here.

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