A recent enlistee in the Air Force Reserve may be kicked out after a video showing her making a racial slur went viral.

“It’s detestable, and we don't tolerate it, that’s for sure,” Lt. Col. Chad Gibson, deputy director of public affairs for Air Force Reserve Command, said in a phone call Tuesday. “The content of this video released ... does not reflect the values of the Air Force. We are using command channels to address the issue.”

In the seconds-long video, the cameraman says he and the others shown in it are “hunting” black people, using an extreme racial slur.

The recent enlistee, who the cameraman describes as his future sister-in-law, can be seen holding what appears to be a beer bottle and saying “get them,” followed by the n-word.

Gibson said the woman enlisted in the Reserve on or about May 31. When AFRC became aware of the video Monday evening, Gibson said the command immediately began taking action.

Gibson said that until the process is completed, he cannot say what will happen to this recruit.

However, the military has the ability to discharge recent recruits for bad behavior of this kind. In March 2016, a Marine recruit was discharged for his role in the harassment and assault of a black woman at a rally for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Gibson would not confirm the identity of the recent recruit.

“We expect all airmen to adhere to our core values, and treat others with a high level of dignity and respect,” Gibson said. “This is intolerable, and we’re taking actions in response to it.”

Stephen Losey covers Air Force leadership and personnel issues as the senior reporter for Air Force Times.

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