TULSA, Okla. — A preliminary FBI investigation has determined that an explosive found in the Oklahoma apartment of a man accused of setting off a pipe bomb near a military recruiting office had unusual features usually seen outside the U.S.

The Tulsa World reports that court documents show the FBI determined that one of two pipe bombs found in 28-year-old Benjamin Roden's apartment in Tulsa utilized two 9-volt batteries and magnets.

A government affidavit states that the nature of the pipe bomb was "unusual for Oklahoma," and that it had features "typically seen in other parts of the world."

Benjamin Don Roden 3

Photo Credit: Tulsa County Sheriffs Office via AP

Roden was arrested July 11 in connection to a pipe-bomb explosion outside an unoccupied Air Force recruiting office in suburban Tulsa.

Roden's attorneys have questioned whether he can assist in his own defense. A competency hearing is set for August 29.

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