The Air Force Personnel Center said Wednesday that 2,311 officers have been selected for promotion.

According to a release, AFPC said that 14 lieutenant colonels were chosen for promotion to colonel, 53 majors were selected for O-5, and 2,244 captains were selected for promotion to major.

All colonel and lieutenant colonel selectees were in the Biomedical Sciences Corps, and the major selectees were a mixture of 2,095 Line of the Air Force officers and 149 Biomedical Sciences Corps officers.

Major selectees who were in the promotion zone had a 93.1 percent selection rate, and above-the-zone major selectees had an overall selection rate of 17.2 percent.

Among in-the-zone LAF major selectees, navigators had the highest selection rate at 95.4 percent, pilots had a 93.2 percent rate, and air battle managers had a 93.6 percent selection rate.

Non-rated ops in-the-zone officers had a 91.5 percent selection rate, and mission support officers had a 93.9 percent selection rate.

Among lieutenant colonel selectees, 39 were selected in the zone, for a selection rate of 52 percent. Nine were selected for promotion above-the-zone, resulting in an 11.8 percent selection rate. And five were selected below-the-zone, with a selection rate of 3.2 percent.

For colonel selectees, 11 were chosen in-the-zone with a 39.3 percent selection rate, 2 were chosen above-the-zone for a 6.7 percent selection rate, and one was selected below-the-zone with a 1.3 percent selection rate.

The list of major selectees can be found here, the lieutenant colonel selectees can be found here, and the colonel selectees can be found here.