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Officer training selection rates near 70 percent

Nearly 70 percent of the active-duty enlisted airmen and civilians who applied for Officer Training School were selected for the third class to be announced this year, the Air Force said Tuesday.

Of the 272 OTS applications, the Air Force Recruiting Service chose 189, or 69.49 percent, to attend the 15OT03 class at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, which will take place in 2016. Of those selected, 45 are enlisted airmen, and the remaining 144 are civilians.

It is the second class in a row in which the acceptance rate has topped 60 percent. In May, the Air Force said that 65.78 percent of the 599 applicants to attend the 15OT02 class were accepted. That was much higher than the 50.33 percent selection rate chosen for the first OTS board, which was announced in March. However, it is not as high as the selection rate for the third class in 2012 — 78.7 percent — or the third class in 2014, which was 76.57 percent.

The higher selection rates are part of the Air Force's strategy to beef up its officer ranks, which is a component of its overall plan to rebuild the entire force. In a May interview, Brig. Gen. Brian Kelly, director of military force management policy, said that the Air Force admitted 520 candidates to attend OTS classes that take place in 2015, but expects to admit more than 1,100 candidates for the 2016 classes, which are now being announced. Those higher selection rates are helping OTS field more aspiring second lieutenants.

AFRS said the selection board members review both objective factors — such as applicants' academic discipline, grade point average and Air Force Qualifying Test scores — and subjective factors. Those subjective factors include work experience, accomplishments, adaptability, character, leadership ability, potential for future growth, and other recommendations. Active-duty enlisted applicants also have their performance reports and commanders' recommendations evaluated.

The selection process is similar to Air Force officer promotion boards, AFRS said, and applications are reviewed by three colonels.

The list of selectees is as follows:


Airman First Class Oseias Berto
Staff Sgt. Noah Boeder
Staff Sgt. Tyler Brown
Senior Airman Lance Burton
Tech. Sgt. Jared Coles
Staff Sgt. Travis Deck
Staff Sgt. Richard Deneseus
Senior Airman Justin Estes
Staff Sgt. Joshua Fisher
Staff Sgt. Cory Francis
Senior Airman Pablo Frias
Staff Sgt. Joshua Frizzell
Senior Airman Derek Fulmer
Staff Sgt. Ryan Henry
Senior Airman Christopher Ingram
Tech. Sgt. Robert Kellen
Staff Sgt. Kyle Lassiter
Tech. Sgt. Anthony Manalo
Staff Sgt. Stephen McNulty
Senior Airman Kent Melendez
Staff Sgt. Allen Middaugh
Master Sgt. Titan Miller
Senior Airman Joseph Moore
Tech. Sgt. Travis Morgan
Staff Sgt. Derek Mundell
Staff Sgt. Matthew Nolting
Tech Sgt. Brian Parker
Staff Sgt. Daniel Pesich
Staff Sgt. Paxton Petitpas
Senior Airman Minh Pham
Staff Sgt. Michael Reep
Staff Sgt. Alex Reynolds
Staff Sgt. Anthony Rodriguez
Staff Sgt. Ashley Ross
Senior Airman Tyler Schweighart
Staff Sgt. Eric Severic
Senior Airman Daniel Shaw
Staff Sgt. Nathan Smith
Tech. Sgt. Adam Smith
Staff Sgt. Christopher Turner
Staff Sgt. Patrick Viau
Staff Sgt. Craig Wheeler
Staff Sgt. Zaid Williamson
Tech Sgt. Israel Woodmancy
Staff Sgt. Thomas Zogal


Brian Abrams
Gianna-Rose Acosta
Taylor Adair
Jacob Adams
April Albanese
David Amos
Jacob Anderson
Robert Ashcroft
Evan Autry
Joshua Baker
Kathryn Baker
Doward Barrett
Joshua Basler
Benjamin Bergman
Michael Bertch
Paul Bondurant
Seth Boulet
Stephen Brotherton
Morgan Brown
Regina Brown
Alyssa Bucher
Peter Burns
Erin Carpenter
Daniel Carrera
Jacob Catloth
Forrest Clune
Jared Cochran
Justin Cooper
Daniel Corriero
Claire Cox
Kelsey Cox
Nathanael Cox
Benjamin Cranna
Christopher Crawford
Jonluke Davis
Clayton Denton
Michael Douglas
John Dowdall
Cody Draeving
James Esplin
Dominick Fears
Vincent Feeley
Robert Fenesterer
Aimee Fiedler
Joshua Field
Heather Frohling
Michael Gallaher
Julio Garzon
Jacob Gawlista
Joshua Gilmer
Lindsey Glade
Isaac Hamilton
Kyle Harris
Dylan Harvey
Timothy Hathaway
Dennis Headrick
Brandon Henson
Jose Rodriquez-Hernandez
Andrew Hewins
Cassandra Hicks
Anthony Hiteshew
William Honea
Dustin Hough
Emily Howard
Brandon Hugh
Evan Hutchinson
Alexandra Jaeger
John Janis
Adam Javery
Benjamin Jeffers
Jaime Jordan
James Kaim
Kristofer Kain
Harrison Kass
Zachary Kay
Jeffrey Kelly
Steven Kuhn
Lucas Larzabal
William Lenoir
Travis Letourneau
Kristopher Long
Christian Lum
William Lusk
Kyle Lynch
Joshua Mannix
Caitlyn Mcintyre
Donald Messick
Benjamin Meyer
Andrew Millette
Anthony Monteleone
Clifford Moody
Joseph Moody
Brandon Morgenson
Valerie Mossman
Theodosios Moumouris
Rachel Murphy
Jake Nebergall
Seth Noble
Joseph Olson
Justin Ouellette
Blake Pagan
Rickey Patterson
Cortney Paulding
Christopher Perry
Eric Peterson
Holly Piatt
Jared Pilcher
Ryan Ponder
Justin Pugh
Hannah Read
Christopher Reither
Jarin Rice
Nikolas Sanginiti
Nicholas Schuler
Christopher Seiler
Joseph Seney
Jonathan Sha
Kayleigh Sheehan
Clare Shippee
Cory Siedler
Kevin Simon
John Spooney
Nathan Sproul
Vincent Stack
Benjamin Stark
Logan Stockman
Kyle Stofen
Samuel Strickland
Kevan Thomas
Michael Thomas
Nikko Thomas
JIan Thorley
Timothy Trammell
Kyle Tuohy
Mariel Tygenhof
Forrest Weaver
Kayla Wiggin
Anthony Willeford
Devin Gonzales-Williams
Andrew Wolford
Kevin Wolters
Brian Wright
Jonathan Wright
Steven Varnadore
Nicholas Vogel
Minfei Yu

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