An Air Force chaplain was convicted on Tuesday of stealing from a German grocery store in 2016.

A military judge found Capt. Sharior Rahman, who’s stationed at Ramstein Air Base, guilty of larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny, Stars and Stripes reported.

The judge ordered Rahman to give up $3,000 of his pay for one month, the newspaper said.

In November 2016, Rahman and his wife shoplifted about 70 euros worth of groceries from a store in Homburg, according to court testimony. Two weeks later, the couple shoplifted from the Ramstein Exchange, but no criminal charges were filed in that case, Stars and Stripes reported.

Rahman pleaded not guilty to the larceny charges from the Homburg case and requested a trial before a military judge. The judge, Col. Mark Milam, announced his verdict after about a day and a half of testimony, the newspaper said.

Rahman, who’s also a former Navy medic with nearly 20 years of military service, faced a possible maximum punishment of dismissal from the Air Force, up to one year in prison, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and a fine.

Whether he will remain in the chaplaincy is to be determined, Stars and Stripes reported.

At the Homburg grocery store, Rahman and his wife paid for a few items before heading to the exit. An undercover store detective, who had been watching them, stopped the couple after noticing that the fish that had been their basket had not been placed on the checkout conveyor belt, according to the newspaper.

Groceries that hadn’t been paid for, including the fish, were discovered in the handbag of Rahman’s wife. There was no video footage of this incident, but at the Exchange on Ramstein, footage showed that his wife placed items from the makeup department into a black bag. According to the footage, Rahman also handed a jump rope to his wife, who placed it into her bag.

The couple paid for the items in their shopping cart but not the ones in the wife’s bag, Stars and Stripes said. However, it was determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge them for shoplifting in this case.