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A military member’s guide to balance transfers
Almost everyone sets new resolutions on January 1, but that’s the easy part. Your resolutions might be job related, like scoring higher on your PT test. Or maybe it’s financial, like staying within budget and paying down debt. When it comes to debt, have no fear – there are great financial offers and tools available to help pay off credit card debt and get you back on track.
6 Tips for Protecting Your Financial Information
Most people don’t learn about identity theft and fraud until after it happens. Make it your mission to be vigilant about your personal and financial information security. The steps you take to be proactive could go a long way, and save you the heartache of dealing with fraud and theft.
Mission renovation: Using your equity for home improvements
Whether it’s repairing a leaky roof or making your Pinterest kitchen become a reality, you can make your dreams come true by making your home equity work for you as a powerful financial tool. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind.
4 Tips to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards for Travel
If you’re a frequent traveler, live on-the-go or are booking a vacation, you have everything to gain from taking full advantage of the benefits and rewards of your credit card. Understanding your credit card’s reward system and policies can help you not only rack up points faster along the way, but can also ultimately save you money on vacation costs and even everyday expenses. Here are some tips for maximizing your credit card while you’re on the move this summer.
From boots to brass with your savings
If you feel like your personal finance skills are stuck in basic training, you’re not alone. Taking your skills to the next level takes discipline and determination. The good news is these values are part of military life and should come naturally as your career continues.
Learn the top cities for servicemembers to retire
The United States has no shortage of amazing cities, but which ones are the best for veterans? Navy Federal Credit Union decided to find out. In 2018, they commissioned a study that looked at veterans’ income, unemployment rates and proximity to VA hospitals and military bases. They coupled those results with quality-of-life measures such as cost of living, the local economy and access to health resources and colleges. The results are in! According to the study, the following cities scored the highest for both veterans and quality of life.
Buying vs. leasing: considerations for the savvy car shopper
Do you want to drive the same sedan, truck or SUV for up to 10 years or switch vehicles every two or three years? The decision to buy or lease a new car can affect your finances and lifestyle, and it’s all about whether you want to be in it for the long or short term. The best plan of action is to consider the pros and cons of buying and leasing before you begin the car-buying process.
3 quick tips to make saving easier for Military Saves Week
This year’s Military Saves Week(#MSW19) is upon us. The annual awareness event about the importance of building good savings behavior amongst those who serve and in military families is more important than ever because, sadly, the fact is the majority of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. And with the expert recommendation of having 3-6 months of living expenses saved up as part of a rainy day fund, $1,000 is often simply not enough.
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