There have been no coalition anti-ISIS strikes in Syria since Turkey launched military operations
“Our eyes are always on ISIS remnants. The volume of strikes in Syria now reflects a more precise campaign to find and contain ISIS remnants.”
Crews of the B-17 Flying Fortress take to the sky in ‘Memphis Belle in Color’ documentary
The documentary premiers at 6 p.m EST Nov. 11 on the Smithsonian Channel, and will air multiple times this week.
F.E. Warren airmen save family from Nebraska house fire
Two airmen from F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne helped a family as their house burned in western Nebraska.
Top US general says 500-600 American troops to stay in Syria
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says about 500 or 600 U.S. troops will remain in Syria to counter Islamic State fighters.
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base aircraft boneyard keeps planes for parts or possible reuse
As boneyards go, this place is pretty lively.
My country: Where did it go and will I ever get it back?
The current national political atmosphere is very damaging to our values and, in turn, to the security of our nation.
Honoring our sacred duty
"When you raise your right hand and vow to give everything to your country, America commits to taking care of you and your family. It’s a two-way promise that lasts long after you hang up your uniform. "
Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty talks military service, music’s role in war
John’s “50 Year Trip: Live At Red Rocks” can be seen in theaters nationwide Nov. 11.
Trump to confront Turkey about buying Russian air defense system
President Donald Trump will confront Turkey’s leader about his decision to buy a Russian air defense system when they meet this week at the White House amid strained relations between the two NATO allies.
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