Feds formally launch investigation of carcinogens on military bases
The initial review will last until 2020 and set the foundation for further studies into whether PFAS is to blame for military cancers and birth defects.
OSI investigating alleged misconduct of fired wing commander
The colonel was recently fired for "alleged conduct unbecoming an officer.”
Air Force labs develop and field chemlight replacement
Forces use chemlights for a wide range of activities, from marking rooms during clearance operations to identifying friendly troops for aircraft.
Air Guardsman arrested after reportedly posing as CIA agent to impress woman at church
There are red flags and then there are red banners.
Pentagon’s special operations leader ‘disappointed’ over handling of light-attack program
The Pentagon’s lead on special operations and low-intensity conflict was looking forward to the Air Force selecting a light-attack aircraft this December, but like many, he was disappointed after the service got cold feet.
The motivated Marine Corps origin of the ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme, 'rah?
Who among us wouldn’t get distracted by such a display?
Military services delay financial help for spouse employment
The service branches are working on their policies to reimburse up to $500 in professional relicensing expenses. Will it be retroactive?
The 386-squadron goal is still lean compared to Desert Storm days, Air Force chief says
The Air Force is not playing a negotiating trick by asking for more squadrons than it needs and then bartering with lawmakers downward, according to the Air Force chief of staff.
Deploy or get out starts now: What you need to do to stay in the Air Force
While the Air Force is cracking down on airmen who can't deploy overseas, it might not mean the end of one's career.
Trump officially organizes the Space Force under the Air Force ... for now
President Donald Trump has signed a directive centralizing all military space functions under a new Space Force, which will be overseen by the Department of the Air Force.
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