The Air Force is mulling whether to award the Legion of Merit to drone pilots and sensor operators for the first time.
The White House signaled a fundamental shift in the military mission for troops in Syria that would focus on Iran rather than ISIS.
This searchable database details the level of risk for sexual assault faced by service members at individual military installations and on ships around the world.
One of the competitors pulled off an upset victory.
The Air Force earlier this month mistakenly published, and later rescinded, an updated rule that would bar technical sergeants and below from issuing letters of reprimand.
But does he plan a U.S.-led military intervention?
Defense secretary says he is asking Army, Marine Corps if women serving in the infantry is a strength or weakness.
Both aircraft have been associated with embarrassing mishaps over the past year. Will data help?
U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel some military exercises with South Korea led to a “slight degradation” in American readiness, according to the president’s nominee to lead U.S. Forces Korea.
Brian lost both legs and his dominant right hand when a 107mm rocket exploded just three feet away.
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