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General says US troops to remain in Iraq
America invaded Iraq in 2003, and at the peak point had more than 170,000 troops battling insurgents in the country and later working to train and advise Iraqi forces.
Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces march in Baghdad, Iraq.
Militias a growing challenge for Iraq ahead of talks with US
A fourth round of so-called strategic Iraq-U.S. talks is scheduled for next week after the Iraqi government requested it, partly in response to pressure from Shiite political factions and militias loyal to Iran that have lobbied for the remaining U.S. troops to leave Iraq.
Pompeo pledges support for Iraq, targets pro-Iran militias
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged on Wednesday that the Trump administration will continue to support Iraq as it confronts the threat posed by the Islamic State group, but he also called for the Baghdad government to redouble efforts to rein in pro-Iran militias.
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