A technical sergeant from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada came under fire recently after she shared a racially-charged, expletive-laced rant to Facebook.

In a shocking development, surely unique to the 99th Force Support Squadron, Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely endured subordinate attitude problems. Tragic. It may be the first documented case of attitude problems in military history.

Instead of confronting what she perceived as contempt for leadership head on, she sought the therapeutic comfort of her cell phone and a Facebook audience.

“It pisses me the [expletive] off that they [black female airmen] have no [expletive] respect and constantly having an attitude,” Lovely said. “What the [expletive] is up with that? ... Why is it that every time I encounter, you know, my subordinates that are black females, they have a giant [expletive] attitude?”


Only one day earlier, a high school teacher in Pico Rivera, California, went on a recorded tirade in his classroom when he saw one of his students wearing a Marine Corps sweatshirt. So incensed by mere cotton fabric, Gregory Salcido decried military members as “dumb shits” and “the freaking lowest of our low.”

Tech Sgt. Lovely partaking in online ignorance was bad enough, but in doing so, she also declared not only herself, but her uniform and the country it represents to be the exact embodiment of Mr. Salcido’s proclamations.

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