Bringing tools along for a ride of any length is essential — that is, if you don't want to be left stranded on the side of the road. For the vast majority of us, that type of situation is a nightmare, or a huge inconvenience at the very least.

To help alleviate most problems that occur on the road, many manufacturers have developed highly compact multitools and kits that are specially designed for motorcycle roadside maintenance. Some of these kits combine everything you might need into one convenient package, while others focus on providing you with a wider assortment of hex and Torx keys or sockets.

Now, only you know what you'll need to service all the aftermarket goods you may have bolted onto your bike, but rest assured there's a tool kit out there that will serve you perfectly.

Harley-Davidson All-In-One Folding Tool

Don't worry about not having the correct tools to help perform basic "on the road" service functions. Harley-Davidson's compact folding tool is designed to be ultra-compatible with most late-model H-D bikes. Being stuck on the side of the road won't be as bad with this tool in your bag.

The large, comfortable handle allows for a firm grip and maneuverability, and the tool selection packed away in this handy package really is incredible. It includes T27 and T40 Torx bits; 3/32, 1/4, and 3/8 hex bits; Phillips and slotted screwdriver bits; and 9/16, 1/2, and 10mm open-end wrenches.

The kit also includes a nylon pouch with a hook-and-loop closure for security, so these parts won't go flying everywhere when you're back on the road.

BikeMaster multitool with sockets

Not only does this multitool come complete with six hex wrenches (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm), three open-end wrenches (8, 10, and 15mm) and a 1/4-inch driver built right into the package, but there are also three sockets (8, 9, and 10mm) stashed away just in case you need them.

Of course, BikeMaster's multitool is super-compact when folded up. It can be carried easily in your bag or on your belt. Don't get stuck without this one.

CruzTools folding hex and Torx key set

You're going to need to access a panel or part that has a hex bolt on it — that's a fact. Even though you may only need to use this tool once in a while, it's always nice to know it's in your bag just waiting to be called upon when the time comes.

CruzTools' folding hex and Torx key set includes 5/23, 3/16, 1/4, and 5/16 hex keys and T25, T27 and T40 Torx keys to ensure you have the right key at the right time. The tool is forged from heat-treated nickel alloy and housed in a package that is built tough and easy to handle.

Nebo Tools Ultra Socket combo kit

Leave the bulky toolbox at home and pack only the essentials for the ride. This kit will provide you with a powerful socket wrench, a screwdriver and a nut driver, and it even comes with SAE and metric sockets, 12 screwdriver bits and a magnetic adapter.

The wrench and drivers lock in three positions at zero, 45, and 90 degrees for added utility. A carrying pouch is included in the box for ease of storage and transport.

Windzone Essenti-Economy tool kit

Looking for a tool kit with practically everything you'll need for a roadside emergency? Looking for a kit that features full-size tools as well? Well, search no further than Windzone's Essential Tool Kit.

This package includes two spark plug sockets, a 6-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver, all Harley-Davidson hex, Torx, and four wrench sizes, locking pliers, an air-pressure gauge, and more.

This piece originally appeared at Hot Bike.

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