For most motorcycle riders, the garage is a revered and hallowed abode. Not only does it serve as protection for your motorcycle(s), but it functions as the basis of operations for repairs and maintenance. Among your collection of socket sets, hex keys and breaker bars, it's a good bet you've got a cordless drill as well — and, more importantly, the charger and a couple of batteries that go along with it.

Unfortunately, it's too easy to run out of space in a garage. Luckily, many power tool manufacturers already offer a standardized line of handheld tools that work off their own proprietary battery and charging systems. This no-headache approach allows you to use one set of batteries across a wide array of accessories. Each major tool brand produces these tools, and these five specific add-ons are some of the most useful that I've used.

Craftsman's cordless inflator just might be one of the most useful tools I have in my arsenal, considering how much time it saves me. Aside from checking tire pressures before commuting or riding for fun, I used to hate checking and adjusting tire pressures out at the track. The inflator works off its C3 19.2-volt battery system, which powers most all of its other handheld appliances. Simply set the target psi using the buttons and digital readout on the back, attach the valve, and pull the trigger. The inflator will automatically stop inflating once it reaches the predetermined value.

Are you trying to shape up that perfect café or tracker cowl? Forming metal can be a total pain, but if you've got a pair of shears handy, you're off to a solid start. DeWalt makes this shear attachment that fits to the front of most any type of 18-to-20-volt impact drill, and is able to cut sheet metal up to 18-gauge thickness, corrugated metal, ducting, steel mesh, wire and more. It features a 1/4-inch hex shank, and the head rotates a full 360 degrees for ease of use.

Flashlights are incredibly useful to own, but if you're stuck with a cheap one, there's usually a 50/50 chance of it working when you finally pull it out of the drawer. Why not keep a main shop light around that you know you can trust? This flashlight from Black & Decker works with its line of rechargeable drill batteries, and features a 70-lumen LED light that will shine bright for 11 hours before needing a charge.

What's better than having a reciprocating saw? How about having a lightweight one that you can carry around the garage, free of cables? That's exactly what Ryobi offers, and the 18-volt One+ Saw takes advantage of the One+ line of batteries and chargers. It's the perfect tool for cleaning up those unsightly frame tabs, or for hacking the back loop off your old Honda CB to make room for your new bump-stop seat.

If you're working in the garage for any length of time, you'd rather listen to your personal music collection on your super-cool Makita XRM08B Bluetooth speaker than you would listen to your neighbor Fred's annoying mower. Makita is here to help you forget about Fred altogether with its Bluetooth-enabled Job Site speaker system. It's small and portable, and has inputs for a standard 3.5mm audio jack. It's water- and dust-resistant, and Makita claims it will last around 31 hours on a single 18-volt Makita battery. Makita also offers an AC adapter, so you can plug it into a wall outlet for continuous power.

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