Scholars say first Commander in Chief George Washington was one of the best dressed soldiers in American history. Of course, seeing how far combat fashion has fallen from the days of formal coats and tricorn hats would likely leave the sartorial soldier scoffing.

Well, it gets worse.

There’s now a Continental Army uniform printed on a hoodie. Although 18th century soldiers would despair at such an homage to our Founding Fathers, it is the perfect attire for a couch militia.

The zip-up sweatshirt mimics the wool coats worn by regiments that once donned red, white and blue with gold buttons.

A puzzling addition to this lounge war attire, however, is the white cross-body belts typically used to carry ammunition or supplies. Considering the sweatshirt has pockets, it hardly seems a necessary feature.

Meanwhile, if you’re the type to overheat, there’s a t-shirt option just for you.

Though the hoodie normally retails on Gearhumans for $88, for the discounted price of just $48.99, customers can reenact the Battle of Yorktown from their living room.

Or, it’s possible the hoodie can lend itself to those already engaged in keyboard warfare — those brave souls pwning n00bs about the true meaning of the U.S. Constitution in the Facebook comments section.

To life, liberty, and the pursuit of patriotic loungewear.

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