A Hulu docuseries released Wednesday explores the 1979 murder of a North Carolina Marine and the sordid world of drugs and violence that may have been underlying the crime.

The trailer for “Where Is Private Dulaney?” begins with Pvt. Leroy Dulaney’s mother, Carol Dulaney, reading aloud a letter she penned to the then-president as she sought to discover what had happened to her son.

Then a man’s voice, presumably belonging to a police officer, narrates the grisly discovery of Dulaney’s body.

The Marine Corps had initially maintained that Dulaney, a Marine stationed at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune, was AWOL, according to the trailer.

But it later became clear that Dulaney was the victim of murder — by a fellow Marine. The series recounts Carol Dulaney’s investigation into her son’s fate.

“She could have never imagined what she would uncover: a world of drugs, rumored satanic cults, and a possible serial killer,” Hulu’s description of the series says.

The trailer teases at the murderer’s identity, suggesting he was a cult leader who was prone to violence and drug-dealing.

“We stopped a serial killer,” Carol Dulaney says.

The three-part series was produced by ABC News Studios and released on Hulu.

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