Space Force recruits will be allowed to have tattoos that extend to infinity and beyond — or at least to the neck.

An Air Force memorandum shared by the popular Air Force amn/nco/snco Facebook page reveals that the tattoo policy for incoming guardians will be different from standards for airmen.

While the service will allow all recruits for both Air and Space Forces to have hand tattoos that don’t cover more than 25% of the hand’s surface, only guardians will be allowed to have neck tattoos.

“Applicants with neck tattoos are not authorized to ‘dual track’ with the USAF or list any USAF specific AFSC in the job preference tab,” the memo says.

But don’t go getting a sick choker tattoo if you’re hoping to float among the stars. The neck tattoo policy is still fairly strict.

Guardians will be allowed only one neck or behind-the-ear tattoo, and it cannot exceed more than 1-inch in size.

Commenters on the Facebook page, however, seemed much less interested in the new ink policy, calling instead for beard allowances.

“But we can’t have a beard cause it’s unprofessional...” wrote user Chris Capkovich.

So far, the updated policy hasn’t been added anywhere on either the Space Force or Air Force websites. The memo also doesn’t provide any information about current airmen and guardians, and whether or not they will be able to get hand or neck tattoos if they are already enlisted or commissioned.

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