What could possibly be better than the “Olympus has Fallen" version of Gerard Butler kicking ass to save the president of the United States? A U.S. Navy submarine commander variant of Gerard Butler kicking ass to save the entire world...by saving the president...of Russia.

Get ready, because the next Navy blockbuster, one that looks like the lovechild of “Fast and Furious” and “Hunt for Red October,” will be surfacing in theaters on Oct. 26.

Based on the book, “Firing Point,” by George Wallace and Don Keith, the film drops Butler’s character, submarine commander Joe Glass, on a next-generation sub in the Arctic Ocean, where his crew is responding to a distress call from another U.S. boat. But while navigating the icy depths, Glass discovers the Russian president has been kidnapped and a coup is threatening to plunge the world into a third World War.

To prevent worldwide devastation, Glass must partner with a team of Navy SEALs in a desperate race to extract the Russian president and navigate through treacherous enemy waters to safety, all while under the constant threat of a symphony of Michael Bay-level bombardments that would make Optimus Prime proud.


Say again? Oh yeah, evidently, the Navy featured in “Hunter Killer” has gone full-blown devil dog with motah, motah, gotta lotta motivation. Yut!

And although times are tense, and world peace hangs in the balance, don’t let Glass’ name fool you — his nerves are shatterproof.

Punishment-worthy dad jokes aside, “Hunter Killer” looks poised to melt your face off with non-stop intensity and a noteworthy cast.

Fresh off of an Oscar win for his portrayal of Winston Churchill (“Darkest Hour”), Gary Oldman brings his acting chops to the fray as Adm. Brad Crawford. He’s assisted by Common, a rear admiral whose character currently is credited as..."Rear Admiral." Oorah, rear admiral.

Michael Nyqvist (“John Wick,” “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”), Linda Cardellini (“Avengers: Age of Ultron," “Grandma’s Boy”) and Toby Stephens (“13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” “Black Sails”) also lend their talents to the explosive thriller.

The film was “fully supported” by the U.S. Navy, a press release said, “with active-duty submarine subject matter experts, access to bases, submarines and the men and women who proudly serve every day in our Nation’s silent service” offering support.

No matter the viewer’s takeaway of the trailer, these heart palpitation-inducing films certainly have a niche audience. Gerard Butler ass-kicking has practically developed into its own genre, much like the well-established Academy Awards category of “The Liam Neeson Large Portions of Name-Taking.”

Sadly, Rihanna did not cross rate into the submarine community in time for film production, but the rest of the “Hunter Killer” crew is ready to bring the noise.

Jon Simkins is a writer and editor for Military Times, and a USMC veteran.

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