A new trailer for the Jerry Bruckheimer film “12 Strong” was released Monday, focusing on Army Green Berets, the Northern Alliance forces, horses and unfortunately no Navy SEALS.

“We’ve seen a lot of Navy SEAL movies, which are very smash-and-grab approaches, which is what they do best, better than anyone,” actor Chris Hemsworth said in an interview with Cinema Blend. “With Special Forces guys, they embed themselves in a community over a course of months or years, and it’s a diplomatic duty and relationship building within these communities to achieve their outcome.”

The movie tells the story of a U.S. Special Forces team led by Capt. Mitch Nelson (Hemsworth), as they navigate the rugged mountains of Afghanistan in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks of 2001.

After linking up with a Northern Alliance general, the Americans and Afghans join forces to fight a common enemy: the Taliban and the al-Qaida affiliates they give safe haven.

The American soldiers must adopt the tactics of their allies, riding horses across the uneasy terrain, in order to retake a key Afghan city.

The film is based off the Doug Stanton book “Horse Soldiers,” and also stars Michael Peña and Rob Riggle. It is scheduled for release on Jan. 19.