"Col. Ned Stark" revealed: see first video interview with Air Force mystery figure

For months, a sitting group commander exposed shortfalls of the Air Force's promotions process under the pseudonym "Col. Ned Stark." See his first ever on-camera interview.

Col. Jason Lamb knew his columns challenging the Air Force on how it chooses and grows leaders — published last year under the pseudonym Col. “Ned Stark” — would touch on important subjects that before had only been whispered about.

But even Lamb, the director of intelligence, analysis and innovation at Air Education and Training Command at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph in Texas, couldn’t foresee how big of a reaction his columns would cause.

“I had no idea that I was setting off a powderkeg," Lamb said in a May 6 interview. "I had no idea the scope and the intensity that this would bring.”

Watch Lamb’s videotaped interview at Air Force Times.