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Airman pleads innocent to murdering his roommate during deployment to Guam

SHREVEPORT, La. — An Air Force airman has pleaded innocent to a murder charge, accusing him of stabbing and slitting his roommate’s throat while they were temporarily assigned to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam on March 26, 2018.

Court-martial proceedings began Monday for Isaiah Edwards, who is charged with killing 20-year-old Bradley Hale of Montgomery County, Texas. Both Hale and Edwards were electronic warfare journeymen assigned to the 2nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Barksdale Air Force Base.

The Air Force says it cannot release Edwards' age, and won't release his hometown out of privacy and safety concerns for his family.

KTBS-TV reports that during a pretrial hearing, three first responders testified that they heard Edwards say "I killed him."

The Times of Shreveport reports that attorneys argued whether certain crime scene photos and other evidence should be admitted.

Hale’s father, Rodney Hale, tells KSLA-TV he feels that justice will be served.

The two had known each other for a year in Louisiana before being sent to Guam for a temporary deployment. Rodney Hale told the Times of Shreveport last year..

“They didn’t choose to be together,” Rodney Hale said to the Times. “The Air Force put them together.”

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