The new head of Pacific Air Forces is working on training to keep his airmen ready to fight, even though large-scale exercises have been suspended.

Joint military exercises with South Korea were “indefinitely suspended” this summer as part of the agreement to get North Korea to denuclearize, but Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown said PACAF is continuing to plan for future exercises.

Brown told reporters at the Air, Space and Cyber Conference on Wednesday that the command is constantly assessing its airmen, equipment and capabilities.

“We will work with [United States Forces Korea], Seventh Air Force and Pacific Command to determine what the impact is,” he said.

There’s no hard timeline for recommendations on how to move forward with exercises, but Brown said PACAF is looking at ways to continue to train.

Even though North Korea has been “quiet” lately, “the threat actually still exists,” he said.

“There hasn’t been a ballistic missile launch for a number of months now,” he said. “The intent has gone down, but the capability still exists.”

Airmen will continue to do routine preparedness training and do what they’ve done in the past so they are ready for any eventuality.

“You never know if diplomatic aspects can come off the rails at some point,” Brown said.

On Wednesday, leaders from North and South Korea leaders announced a number of agreements they hope will be the initial steps toward a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un said he would permanently dismantle his main nuclear complex – but only if the United States agrees to take corresponding measures, according to the Associated Press.

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