Airmen in the active duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve will be able to share their thoughts on the state of the Air Force in a climate survey that begins March 13.

The 2015 Total Force Climate Survey, which will also be open to Air Force civilians, will conclude April 27, AFPC said. All survey responses are confidential, AFPC said.

Brenda Gainey, acting Air Force survey office chief, said the survey will cover everything from job satisfaction to available resources and unit performance, and she urged all airmen to take the survey.

“As with past surveys, unit leaders will have access to their units' results to enable them to improve their organization and the organization’s ability to accomplish the mission,” Gainey said in a March 2 AFPC news release. "Every airman’s input is very important to the process. Leaders need honest feedback from the Air Force’s most valuable

Airmen and civilians taking the survey will be able to comment on how they would improve their unit. The Air Force has also expanded sections on recognition and resources.

The Air Force will stagger the email invitations it sends out, meaning not everybody will get their survey March 13.

The results of the survey are expected after June, AFPC said.

The Air Force first conducted this survey in 1999.