The Air Force on Thursday unveiled the names of most of the 472 airmen chosen for promotion to chief master sergeant.

The list released by the Air Force Personnel Center includes the names of all but 30 selected airmen. Some airmen’s names were withheld for security reasons.

This year’s E-9 promotion cycle saw a 22.04 percent selection rate, which was down from last year but higher than the preceding three years.

The average overall score for selectees was 486.71, AFPC said. Their average time in grade was 2.98 years and average time in service was 20.97 years. Their average decorations score was 24.01, their average Air Force Supervisory Exam Score was 71.81, and their average board score was 390.89.

Chief master sergeant promotions begin Jan. 1 and will continue in the order of their promotion sequence number.

The list of selectees can be found here.