Officers and enlisted airmen who volunteer for an extended 365-day deployment can, if eligible, apply for either an advanced assignment or a two-year deferment from a permanent change of station.

To qualify for an advanced assignment, airmen must have at least 24 months time on station as of their projected redeployment date and at least 36 months time on station before the PCS.

"If an airman signs the notification stating their intent to accept the deployment, they can provide preferences for an advanced assignment, provided they meet the time-on-station requirements, or apply for a return to home station with a two-year PCS deferment," said Jeff Gatcomb, 365 Deployment Policy Program manager at the Air Force Personnel Center, said in the release.

Airmen are eligible for short-tour credit if they complete at least 300 consecutive days on the extended deployment.

Officers may also be eligible for joint-duty-assignment credit if they are working in a joint environment, according to the release. Officers have a year from their return to formally apply for credit.

Enlisted airmen who wish to volunteer for an extended deployment should review EQUAL Plus, where positions are normally advertised for at least 10 days. Officers should contact their functional assignment team.

For more information, visit the 365-Day Extended Deployments website.

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