The Air Force has selected 1,391 master sergeants for promotion to senior master sergeant, the Air Force Personnel Center announced Thursday.

The airmen were selected from a pool of 11,788 eligible master sergeants, for a selection rate of 11.8 percent, according to AFPC. That's slightly lower than the 12.32 percent selection rate from 2016, although that year marked a significant increase from the year before, when the selection rate was just 8.75 percent. The selection rate in 2014 was even lower, 6.74 percent.

Across the enlisted force, promotion selection rates hit their lowest point in years in 2013 and 2014. This was largely due to high retention rates and a steep drawdown in 2014.

But now, the Air Force is trying to grow again, meaning a return to healthier promotion rates across the force.

For the master sergeants selected for promotion, their average overall score was 509.61.

Their average time in grade was 4.28 years, time in service was 18.4 years, and their average decorations score was 20.31.

In addition, the average U.S. Air Force Supervisory Examination score was 73.69 and the average board score was 397.4.

Selectees will be promoted in order of their sequence number beginning April 1.

The by-name list is available on the Air Force Portal and myPers. Or you can see the list of names here.

See the cutoff scores here, and the average scores by Air Force Specialty Code here.

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