Coalition aircraft carried out 14 airstrikes against the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria and Iraq on Labor Day, according to Task Force Operation inherent Resolve.

In Syria, the strikes mostly targeted ISIS's control of oil, a key funding source for the militants. Two airstrikes near the group's capital in Raqqah destroyed two oil pumpjacks, an oil tank, and a headquarters building, according to a task force news release.

Another three strikes destroyed 13 oil tanker trucks and a tractor trailer near Dayr Az Zawr in the eastern part of the nation.

The other two strikes in Syria targeted an ISIS tactical unit near Manbij, a city that was retaken from the terrorist group in August. Pentagon officials considered the retaking of the city a major blow to ISIS, as it cut off a key route between Raqqah and Turkey.

The Iraqi city of Mosul, a key stronghold for ISIS, was also targeted, with four airstrikes against three tactical units destroying a fighting position, assembly area, vehicle, and headquarters building, the press release said.

Airstrikes in Iraq have increasingly targeted Mosul as both Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces approach the city. Some military experts have suggested the city could be retaken from ISIS by the end of 2016.

The coalition also carried out three airstrikes in other parts of Iraq: one near Beiji destroyed a cave entrance and rocket rail launcher; another near Kisik destroyed two tunnel entrances, an observation post, and a rocket firing position; and a strike near Ramadi destroyed a rocket system.

The Pentagon did note that the damage assessments are based off initial reports and are still undergoing evaluation.

As of Aug. 30, the U.S. had carried out nearly 14,700 airstrikes for Operation Inherent Resolve, about 9,700 in Iraq and 5,000 in Syria.

Most of those have been against ISIS fighting positions and troops, buildings, or oil infrastructure, the Pentagon said.

Some of the strikes have also targeted vehicles, and in May officials said they believe that close to 400 ISIS controlled Humvees and nearly 150 tanks have been damaged or destroyed.

It's costing roughly $12.1 million a day to carry out operations against the terrorist group, according to the Defense Department.

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