The Air Force has selected 66 enlisted airmen for supplemental promotion, the Air Force Personnel Center said Thursday.

The list of selectees provided by AFPC includes 38 staff sergeants, two master sergeants and three chief master sergeants from the 2015 promotion cycle, and 23 senior master sergeants from the 2016 cycle.

Airmen selected for supplemental promotion typically test outside of their required cycle due to an extended temporary duty assignment or deployment to support contingency operations.

The Air Force also uses the supplemental promotion board process to reconsider people who felt they should have been promoted in previous years but were not. Reasons for a promotion's reconsideration could include missing decorations or other information that was not included in that airman's file.

Selection is based on promotion scores derived from Weighted Airman Promotion System factors, including time in grade, time in service, enlisted performance reports, decorations, promotion fitness examination score and, in the case of junior enlisted promotions, specialty knowledge test score. Promotions to senior and chief master sergeant instead consider the Air Force supervisory exam and board scores.

The list of selectees can be found here.

Stephen Losey covers Air Force leadership and personnel issues as the senior reporter for Air Force Times.

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