Watch President Trump's full address to troops at Ft. Myer -- and to the nation -- in which he outlined his policy on Afghanistan.

Did you miss President Trump’s address to troops and the nation Monday night?

In his speech at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Virginia, Trump outlined his administration’s new plan for Afghanistan. The plan calls calls for additional U.S. forces, greater NATO participation and regional pressure.

If you missed it, watch the full speech above in a Defense Department video. Some highlights (with time stamps) include:

  • Trump sends the nation's thoughts and prayers to those affected by the McCain collision. (01:06)
  • Trump addresses domestic divisions. (01:29)
  • Trump outlines the United States' core interests in Afghanistan. (07:47)
  • Trump assures troops that they will have the "necessary tools and rules of engagement" for victory. (17:51)
  • Trump says he'll ask NATO to increase the organization's members' contribution. (20:23)

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