Coalition aircraft are continuing their have continued its high rate of airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, with statistics showing the total airstrikes in support of Operation Inherent Resolve since August almost double the number that of all airstrikes in Afghanistan this year.

Air Forces Central Command released new numbers detailing its air operations in both Inherent Resolve and Operation Enduring Freedom, showing a total of 1,407 weapons releases in Iraq and Syria striking Islamic State targets in November. This is down from 1,641 in October, with the total since the campaign began in August at 4,019.

By comparison, there have been were just 87 air strikes in Afghanistan, the lowest of the year, with a total of 2,237 airstrikes since January under Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. In November, there were just 87 airstrikes in Afghanistan, the lowest monthly total this year.

If the coalition continues at the current pace through December, the number amount of Inherent Resolve airstrikes this year for Inherent Resolve could eclipse the 2011 total of 5,411 airstrikes in Afghanistan, the highest annual rate most in the past five years.

The combined forces of Inherent Resolve have flown 1,622 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sorties, along with 1,292 airlift sorties. Aircraft have airdropped more than 1.4 million pounds of supplies. Tankers have flown 21,577 refueling missions, with 205 million pounds of fuel offloaded.

Similar Other operations in Afghanistan have slowed as well. Airlifters have flown 16,140 sorties this year, down from a high of 63,000 in 2010, according to the AFCENT statistics. Tankers have flown 8,615 sorties this year. There have been 115 casualty evacuation sorties in Afghanistan, down from a high of 3,712 in 2010.

One area that hasn't slowed much in Afghanistan are has been ISR flights. So far this year, there have been 30,875 sorties with one month remaining. Last year, crews flew 31,049 ISR sorties.