A-10s are back to fighting in Iraq.

Several A-10s from the 163rd Fighter Squadron of the Indiana Air National Guard have deployed to southwest Asia to support Ooperation Inherent Resolve, along with other operations. The A-10s were previously deployed to Afghanistan, but have moved to southwest Asia to focus on the fight against the Islamic State group.

The deployment includes about 300 airmen, the Indiana National Guard said when the squadron first went to Afghanistan in September.

The aircraft arrived over several days from Nov. 17-21, according to Air Forces Central Command.

The Warthogs are the first combat aircraft for the newly reactivated 332nd Air Expeditionary Group, The unit was deactivated in early 2012 after operations ended in Iraq. The unit provided overwatch for the last convoys out of Iraq.

The Indiana Guard's 122nd Fighter Wing is was one of the units slated to loset their A-10s under the Air Force's proposal to retire the fleet. Under Air Force plans, which are being blocked in Congress, the unit would receive F-16s in 2019.

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