While hundreds of thousands of government workers face furloughs during the shutdown, VA Loan Centers are answering calls and applications will be processed.

It’s not an act of government generosity: The staffers who administer the agency’s Loan Guaranty Program have their salaries covered by the fees veterans pay when they receive VA-backed loans. Much like other parts of the government funded by non-tax sources ― the golf course at your local installation that stays open via membership fees, for instance ― these folks will remain on the job.

VA outlined its shutdown contingency plans here (read more about them here). The chart notes 782 loan guaranty workers will remain on the job, with zero expected to face furloughs.

That’s not the case for other VA positions ― IT and human resources, for instance ― so it’s safe to assume some delays could result. However, the 21 staffers tasked with providing legal advice on VA loan issues will remain on the job, along with nearly 700 other workers in the agency’s General Counsel office.

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Kevin Lilley is the features editor of Military Times.

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