The 2021 Military Times Best for Vets: Employers Survey is now open. Companies who wish to participate should complete the survey by August 15, 2021.

Take the survey here:

Before you start, below is a checklist of the information you’ll need to complete the survey. Please have the following information about your organization on hand:

  • At least one point of contact for the organization with email and phone number
  • The organization’s industry and size classification
  • The location of the organization’s headquarters
  • Employee metrics from the past year, including overall employee count, “protected veteran” employee count, veteran and active duty employee count, disabled veteran count, and military spouse employee count
  • Overview of hiring practices from the past year, including how many veterans, current service members, military spouses, and caregivers were hired by the organization in the past year
  • The organization’s military-connected recruitment efforts, including whether the organization retains a team/employee dedicated to military-connected recruitment efforts, whether the organization allocates funding for military-connected recruitment, ways in which the organization recruits military-connected employees, and support offered during the hiring process
  • The organization’s practices to support veterans, including offering employees specialized training in military issues and specific support for disabled veterans
  • The organization’s recruitment and onboarding practices for military-connected employees
  • The organization’s military-connected employee retention programs and retention rates
  • The organization’s practices designed to support military-connected employees
  • How the organization provides special recognition for military service
  • How the organization supports current and former service members in attaining civilian credentials, including offering professional licenses or financial support
  • How the organization promotes the hiring of military-connected employees throughout the larger business community
  • How the organization supports Guard and Reservist employees, including varying pay levels for Reservists and Guard members, signing a Statement of Support with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, and offering support to Reservists and Guard member employees called to active duty
  • Whether the organization offers credit towards retirement for military service
  • Whether individuals in the organization’s senior leadership are military-connected
  • The organization’s inclusive workplace policies, including accommodations for disabled employees and military-connected employees
  • A short description of the organization, a organization logo, and captioned photos of military-connected employees to be displayed online with the results of the survey
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