The mission of combat controllers and special tactics officers is to deploy undetected into combat and hostile environments to establish assault zones or airfields. The tests these airmen must pass and some of the skills they must demonstrate:

Combat controller

Finish two 25-meter underwater swims separated by three-minute rest

Finish 500-meter surface swim in 11:42

Finish 1.5-mile run in 10:10

Do eight pull-ups in two minutes

Do 48 sit-ups in two minutes

Do 48 push-ups in two minutes

Finish three-mile rucksack march with 50 pounds (retrainees only) in 45:00

Special tactics officer insignia

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Special tactics officer

Finish 1,500-meter surface swim in under 32:00

Finish three-mile run in under 22:00

Do 12 pull-ups in two minutes

Do 75 sit-ups in two minutes

Do 64 push-ups in two minutes

Among required skills:

Patrol and traverse urban terrain with ruck load.

Engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Secure and restrain detainees and prisoners of war.

Drag or carry casualties from battle area.

Perform engine-running loadings and unloadings.

Clear obstacles from and secure landing zones.

Traverse snow with cross-country skis, snowshoes or crampons.

Ascend and descend ice using rope system.

Recover teammate onto boat deck.

Swim and tread water.

Source: Air Force

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