An Air Force base is creating a formal board to review a chaotic “active shooter” reaction that occurred on the Ohio base after a 911 call to base security.
The Minot Air Force Base says the 22-year-old man killed in a motorcycle crash over the weekend was a senior airman.
Maj. Gen. Andrew Toth, who has flown hundreds of combat hours over Iraq, took command of the Air Force Personnel Center on Aug. 9.
President Donald Trump signed the annual defense policy bill at the Army’s Fort Drum, turning the $716 billion budget package into law.
Mattis says he wanted to define what's needed before rushing in to it.
Jose Maria Martinez lost VA care, Social Security and U.S. residency when agents found he was not a citizen.
The liquid fuel has proven to be the life blood of every military branch.
EPA testing from 2013 to 2015 found significant amounts of PFAS in public water supplies in 33 U.S. states. The finding helped move PFAS up as a national priority.
Lasers make it hard for pilots to see and dangerous to fly, so the Coast Guard is looking into new eye protection that mitigates lasers without reducing visibility too much.
No words or thanks for the senator and former POW, who is battling brain cancer.
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