Some US troops on the border to leave this week; about 3,000 will stay
The border mission has less need now for some of the troops' specialties.
US Air Force chief of staff: Our military must harness the potential of multidomain operations
Figuring out how to master multidomain warfare will be difficult, but do it we must.
Tuskegee Airman aircraft technician dies at 100
A New York City man who served as an aircraft technician with the famed all-black Tuskegee Airmen died Saturday at age 100.
Military officials unveil damage from powerful Alaska quake
Last week’s magnitude 7.0 earthquake near Anchorage caused multiple problems at the sprawling Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, including damage to steel frameworks, ceilings, and sprinkler and heating systems.
Trump picks Army Chief Gen. Mark Milley as next top military adviser
The president made the nomination official in a Saturday morning tweet.
You have until midnight to enroll in or change plans for dental, vision and health
You must act before midnight today, Dec. 10, if you want to enroll in the federal employee dental and vision plans. The Tricare Retiree Dental Program ends Dec. 31, and you must take steps to continue your dental coverage.
Russia sends 2 nuclear-capable bombers to Venezuela
Two Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers arrived in Venezuela on Monday, a deployment that comes amid soaring Russia-U.S. tensions.
Military to study past chemical use at former Pease Air Force Base
Veterans and families who lived and worked at the former Pease Air Force Base want the government to begin collecting data about their disease rates and possible ties to chemical exposures on the installation.
Report: Green Beret’s reprimand rescinded after Mattis pushes DoD to revisit punishments for Niger ambush
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was reportedly livid over the possibility that a junior officer who survived the 2017 Nniger ambush would face punishment, while senior leaders would escape blame.
Iraq celebrates victory over ISIS while grappling with legacy
Iraq began removing cement walls from areas surrounding the capital’s most fortified enclave Monday, opening parts of the so-called Green Zone to traffic in a symbolic move coinciding with nationwide celebrations marking the anniversary of the country’s costly victory over the Islamic State group.
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