149th Fighter Wing Air Guardsman dies of health complications
A master sergeant in the Texas Air National Guard died of health complications Saturday at Brooke Army Medical Center.
Airman stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base found dead
Authorities are investigating the death of an airman stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.
Statue of 1st black fighter pilot unveiled at Robins Air Force Base
A black fighter pilot who fought for the French Foreign Legion during World War I was honored with a statue at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.
With Turkey’s invasion of Syria, concerns mount over nukes at Incirlik
Some are questioning whether it's time to pull nukes out of Incirlik.
Canadian Forces Snowbird acrobatic jet crashes before US air show; pilot walks away
Capt. Kevin Domon-Grenier, Snowbird 5, ejected before his aircraft crashed into an unpopulated area Sunday near Hampton, Georgia. He was taken to the hospital, but has been released.
Medal of Honor comic series highlights actions of Audie Murphy and Sal Giunta
Both downloadable issues are available to read online.
Army leaders want to hear about any problems stemming from military health transformation
During the Association of the United States Army annual meeting Tuesday, Army leaders said they want to know about any problems related to hospital changeover in the military health transformation.
Fearing American abandonment, Kurds kept back channels to Damascus, Moscow wide open
When Syria’s Kurdish fighters, America’s longtime battlefield allies against the Islamic State, announced over the weekend that they were switching sides and joining up with Damascus and Moscow, it seemed like a moment of geopolitical whiplash.
Governors of Western states want nuclear testing compensation expanded
Atmospheric nuclear weapons testing exposed more states and more people to radiation fallout and resulting cancers and other diseases than the federal government currently recognizes, Western governors said.
US special operations secrets could fall into hands of Russians and Syrians in pullout
A former U.S. military intelligence operator who spent years working with special operations forces told Military Times that the potential spillover of sensitive tradecraft or information by the SDF was “super problematic," but also a symptom of the lack of a genuine strategy in the region.
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